About Pinkslimefuta: Mood: always horny (girls and futas only plz) S.O. Bi Plz Read Rp Info Cyber Positions 1/4 (wont answer if full) RP INFO: Love to cyber, a lot. I am a slimey futa and I can make my slimey cock any size or shape length or width and have as many out as i want. My original breast size is DDD though I can make them larger or smaller. I can also force myself to cum at anytime I wish or whenever I climax either way you be drinking cum and alot too cuz i can cum for as long as I wish (until I want to stop) >;3 Victims beware one feel or taste of the slime from my cock or breasts will seduce you making you want me to use you as my personal fucktoy >;3 P.S. to slime users plz do not try to take pieces or alter my slime core, it makes me a bad person.